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What Are Automatic Retweets & Favorites & Why Do You Need Them

automatic retweets popcornBuilding a loyal following on Twitter isn’t easy, so if someone told you about a Twitter Growth Hack that you could use to boost your account – would you take it? We would. To us, that Twitter growth hack is Automatic Retweets & Favorites, a new bread of services that promises to make your Twitter account explode in popularity and help you reach 10x more users than previously. Stick around, we’re going to break this concept down bit-by-bit. Oh! We brought popcorn.

What are Automatic Retweets and Favorites?

What an awesome question that perfectly segway’s into our next point! The concept behind automatic favorites and retweets is elegant in its simplicity. When you sign up for the service (which is generally subscription-based), you designate your Twitter account and your total daily number of retweets and favorites (some services also let you choose a ratio between retweets and favorites). Every time you tweet from that point on then automatically gets retweeted and favorited via the company you’ve subscribed too. It’s awesome. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new-found popularity!

Wait, this works?

this is the bestHell yes – and for several reasons. Even if the rush of dopamine from a flood of retweets doesn’t count, you can reap real benefits from a service like this. When Twitter sees a frenzy of activity around you and your tweets, it gets curious and starts ranking you higher for organic searches. People searching for you, or information that you can provide are going to be much more likely to see you from here on out.

The benefits don’t stop there though. In separate studies, Georgia Tech and University of Georgia analyzed Twitter, Twitter users, and social trends on Twitter. Don’t worry, in case you don’t speak fluent scientist, we’ve got the TL;DR below.

Georgia Tech’s study included this beautiful graphthat compares the individual factors behind organic Twitter follower growth. Second bar from the left, a user’s retweet ratio has a 4x relative effectiveness. We’re not entirely sure what that means either, but we’re pretty sure it shows how important retweets are to your credibility. A concept called social proof – learn it and love it.

twitter growth

University of Georgia then followed up with an in-depth study on Twitter influencers – with some equally awesome graphs. According to their findings, people are more than 5x more likely to trust the recommendation of a Twitter profile with a substantial following than they are to trust an identical account with fewer followers.

Auto Retweets and favorites are awesome. Science says so.


Why Do I Need Automatic Retweets?

You’re on point with the question game today! While we can’t tell you what you need, we’ve got some awesome examples of tangible uses for Automatic Retweets and Favorites – we’re sure you’ll piece together an idea or two!

Promote Things Better

Promoting a product on TwitterAlmost everybody in the digital world has some form of content or product that could use some promotion. Whether it’s a new item, an awesome blog post or an explainer video – promoting that might help boost sales, build your e-mail list, or create new followers. Automatic retweets and favorites can help your promotional tweets reach a wider audience and creates buzz around it which can lead to more exposure, better conversions, more clicks and even more engagements.

Build a Digital Reputation

Think of Twitter as a digital resume and cover letter (yes, we know about LinkedIn – run with us on this). Due to Twitter’s prevalence and popularity, it is often used as a research tool by people worldwide. By building an appealing Twitter account – including a history of popularity and user engagement – you’re boosting your appeal and creating killer first impressions. Just like including letters of recommendation for a physical proposal, displaying a loyal, engaged community to searchers demonstrates your higher value. If you’re heading in for a job interview, trying to land a new client, are a musician pitching themselves for a new gig, or even a small businesses trying to attract more customers, why wouldn’t you stack the deck in your favor?

Social Signals and SEO

tweet counterTin-foil hats everyone – it’s speculation time. There’s been massive debate regarding Google’s incorporation of social signals (like retweets) into its website ranking engine. Regardless of the current status however, it definitely looks like Google is moving to incorporate these signals at some point – so start preparing now! Building a fanbase around your website, concept or idea is far from being a bad idea, and the more people you have talking about you, the more direct and referral traffic you might get – each one a chance to build your follower base.

Jumpstart the Growth of a Loyal Following

We saved the best for last! The ultimate goal of participating on Twitter is to grow your follower base and influencer reach. For any kind of business or startup, a loyal following can make or break your success, and even if you’re just a private citizen, voicing your opinions – there are countless others on Twitter who want to hear from you. One of the easiest way to boost your growth rate automatically (remember those studies from earlier?) is to use Auto Retweets and Favorites. People are more likely to trust with and engage with someone who is already trusted and popular – so be popular.

Okay, I’m convinced! Where can I buy Auto Retweets and Favorites?

Like we mentioned earlier, this kind of service is still in it’s infancy – so new in fact, that we don’t even have enough companies offering it to put together a Top 5 List! Thankfully, the first to create this service are also some of the best companies we’ve reviewed to date.

Devumi Auto EngagementsDevumi provides a service called “Automatic Engagements”, and offers a few expanded options that the others haven’t incorporated yet. For example, they let you pick what ratio of retweets to favorite that you’d like, along with customizable geo-targeting (picking where the retweets originate from) which is awesome. The service comes billed as “Instant and Automatic Results”, and as is usual with Devumi, is also backed by their comprehensive 100% Retention Rate and 100% Money Back Guarantees. You can read our review of Devumi or try their service by clicking here.

FastFollowerz EngagementFastFollowerz also launched their Automatic Retweet and Favorite service in 2013, known simply as Engagement. As an industry pioneer, their service is solid and well thought out. While at an identical price point to Devumi, FastFollowerz better scalability than Devumi offers (max of 20,000 combined retweets and favorites per day) but has no custom option for geo-targeting. FastFollowerz also backs their service offering with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Order Engagement from FastFollowerz and be sure to check out review of them as well.

TwitterBoost splits the difference between FastFollowerz and Devumi nicely. With a similar pricing structure to FastFollowerz, and a set of customization options like Devumi’s, their largest package size is limited to 5,000 engagements per day. They make up for the limited scaling with the fastest order fulfilment on the market though. Try out their service here and check out our review of TwitterBoost here.

I Bought Auto Retweets, now what?

Awesome! Isn’t it exciting? You’ve set yourself up for success, but never forget that you still have to succeed. We’ve got a ton of useful information to get you started such as our How To Tweet guide and our run down of the top apps to use for Twitter. Also be sure to check out our Top 5 List of Buy Twitter Follower companies – you may want to combine Automatic Retweets and Favs with a boost in Twitter Followers as they both work in together to give you better results.