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How Much Does It Cost to Buy 1 Million Retweets?

On a fast-paced platform like Twitter, engagement is a crucial part of an account’s success. Retweets are a great signal of engagement, making them a fast way to make your presence known within the constant competition on Twitter. Reaching 1 million retweets will give you significant exposure and draw more people to your account from the feat alone.

Below, I’ll discuss the different ways to gain 1 million retweets using various viable methods – which one is right for you?

Twitter Engagement Campaign

Twitter’s own Engagement Campaign system is one of the most organic ways that you can attract retweets. The campaign promotes your account to your desired target audience, letting you reach out to very specific users based on the parameters you set.

This precision in audience targeting increases your chance of getting valuable future leads. Twitter also gives you access to in-depth analytics, which is useful for planning future campaigns.

twitter engagement campaign

Since a Twitter engagement campaign operates through a bidding system, the cost will depend on how much you are willing to spend. Note that you are paying for the engagements you receive and not the promotion itself. Twitter will keep promoting your account and tweets until you get the desired level of engagement. This means that you can go for that million retweets as long as you can spend on it.

Sound enticing? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to launch your own engagement campaign on Twitter.

Buying 1 million retweets

Another way to gain 1 million retweets is by buying them. This is a fast, reliable, and efficient way to get your engagement score up – as long as you choose your provider wisely.
High-quality retweets from good providers look real because they come from accounts that look real. These providers offer retweets that come from users with unique profiles and Twitter handles.

hq twitter follower

These accounts also have complete bios and active feeds, which means that no one can easily tell that the retweets you have were bought.

Getting high-quality retweets do more than just give you impressive numbers. That boost in retweets also increases your social proof significantly. Since these retweets are from legitimate accounts, they don’t compromise your reputation.

High-quality retweets are not hard to find if do some research before purchasing. To help you out, we tested a number of high-quality providers to see first-hand just how effective they were. We also looked into other aspects of their service to check how reputable they really were.


Buy1000Followers is one of the few providers that delivers 1 million retweets in a single package. The package costs only $1500, which is surprisingly low, given the number of retweets they promise to deliver.

buy1000followers example profile

Upon closer inspection, the Twitter accounts used to deliver the retweets are mostly of good quality, with unique profile photos and bios. Some of the accounts are not active and have odd followers to following ratio, but they’re hardly noticeable with the number of accounts that will be retweeting. Other notable points:

  • Purchasing retweets from is pretty straightforward. You simply have to submit your Twitter profile and email. The site only accepts Paypal for payment.
  • The provider says that your tweets start coming in within 24 hours after your purchase, and are gradually delivered.
  • There is no specific time frame given for completion, which is not a surprise given the number of retweets.

Buy1000Followers offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service, or if it is not completely delivered. Check out our full review to learn more about Buy1000Followers and their other Twitter offerings.

Media Mister

While Media Mister doesn’t have a dedicated 1 million retweets plan, it offers the next largest package among the providers that we tested at 100,000 retweets. While buying 10 packages is unreasonable, I recommend talking to their customer support staff to see what can be worked out for such a large order.

media mister retweet packages

Media Mister offers good service for the buck. The accounts they provide for the retweets look real for the most part, with unique profile pictures. They’re not as active as other accounts, but they aren’t noticeable in the long run.

Media Mister offers worldwide coverage, which is great if you are looking to catch the attention of audiences from different countries. To purchase retweets, you only need to submit your Twitter URL. The site accepts Paypal, major credit cards, and Bitcoin.

Media Mister starts the delivery of your retweets within 3 days after your order. You can expect delivery to be completed in 12 days. They provide the standard 30-day money back guarantee for undelivered services. Read our full review of Media Mister’s services to learn even more about them.

Other Twitter retweet providers

While the retweet packages of the other providers we reviewed are nowhere near the numbers offered by our top two, they can still deliver several thousand retweets quickly. By purchasing multiple packages over the course of your Twitter campaign, or contacting customer support, you can hit that 1 million retweets number.

Targeted Likes

targeted likes retweet packages

Targeted Likes has the largest retweets package amongst these other followers at 30,000 retweets. Each package costs $199, which means you have to spend around $6633 to get a million retweets. This amount is reasonable for most professional advertising budgets. Read our full review to learn more about the quality of Targeted Likes’ services.

buycheapfollowerslikes retweet packages

At $199 for 15,000 retweets,’s largest package is priced reasonably well, but you will still need to spend around $13,273 to get 1 million retweets. I feel that the quality of the retweets makes up for the price, and customer service would likely cut a deal here. Check out our review to see more of’s services.

Social King

social king retweet packages

Social King offers the smallest package of all the providers we reviewed, at just 5000 retweets. But they are also the cheapest at just $35.49 for the package. Still, that will require you to spend  $7098 to get a million retweets. Read our review of Social King to see how they fare in terms of services.

Before those numbers above give you a heart attack, remember that having 1 million retweets is no easy feat, and will instantly make any post viral. This is a small price to pay for this much fame, especially for brands and those with something important to say.

Social media marketing agency

If you don’t have time to run and manage your Twitter promotions, hiring a social media marketing agency is a good option. The agency will be the one to handle everything from planning to execution of your Twitter retweet campaign.

The cost of hiring a social media marketing agency varies greatly, depending on the company, the services you need, and the results you want to get. To get good value for your money, research potential companies.  Look not just at the pricing they have but also their track record. This will ensure that you are signing up with one that can deliver your desired results.

It is also worth mentioning that this does not guarantee 1 million retweets, but it is a sure-fire way to project a consistent presence on Twitter. This ensures that your account is regularly updated with content that can improve engagement and attract more retweets.

The cost of fame varies: 1 million retweets is the price

The cost of fame on Twitter varies depending on what method you use to acquire it. Do some research into your options, and you can figure out which method is the best bet for your campaign.

While not all marketing needs are the same, your online reputation should always be a priority. Never choose a provider simply for their attractively low rates, do your research and find a company that prioritizes retweets from good-quality followers with a high service quality.

We are dedicated to helping you find the right provider for your budget in all things Twitter. Be sure to check out our detailed reviews of Twitter marketing service providers to see which one will offer you the best deals without compromising quality.

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