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How Much Does It Cost to Buy 1 Million Retweets?

Retweets speak volumes on Twitter – and having a million of them can do wonders for your social proof. Amassing 1 Million Retweets can help brands and personalities gain the recognition they deserve.

On a fast-paced platform like Twitter, engagement is a crucial part of a brand’s success. Retweets are a great signal of engagement, making them a fast way to make your presence known within a competitive market.

The number of retweets you get can make a significant difference in your campaign’s growth, so let’s take a look at how much it will cost to get 1 Million of them. This is probably more than you need all at once, but, if you spread them out over a variety of tweets, your engagement levels will be through the roof.

Below, we’ll be discussing the different ways one can gain 1 Million retweets using various viable methods – which one is right for you?

Twitter Engagement Campaign

One of the most natural, organic ways to get retweets is through Twitter’s very own Engagement Campaign system.

An engagement campaign is Twitter’s way of helping brands and businesses advertise and promote their accounts within the platform.

Through this method, your account will be promoted to a targeted audience, allowing you to reach out to Twitter users based on the targeting parameters you dictate.

The cost? It can get pretty steep. The Twitter Engagement Campaign is paid via a bidding system, and this means you get to dictate how much you are willing to spend a day on your campaign.

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Despite the high cost, a Twitter Engagement Campaign has its perks. For starters, it provides verified users access to some deep analytics all in one place.

It also allows campaign owners to target users as precisely as they can. This can increase your chances of gaining valuable leads in the future, rather than arbitrary followers who will never actually become customers.

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You should know that you will be paying for engagements received and not for the promotion itself. Twitter will keep promoting your account until the desired volume of engagement has been received. If you don’t receive any sort of engagement, you won’t pay anything for the advertisement, which is probably the best feature of this method.

Sound enticing? If you’re interested in starting an Engagement Campaign on Twitter, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Hiring a social media marketing agency to take care of all your digital marketing needs is one of the most time-saving ways of securing an online presence without actually having to sit down in front of a computer constantly.

It should be known that this method doesn’t guarantee 1 Million Retweets. It is, however, a sure-fire way to project a consistent presence on the platform. This ensures that your account is regularly updated with content that can potentially improve engagement.

We all know how important consistency is when it comes to growth campaigns, but busy business owners and personalities may not have the luxury of time to actually foster it.

The cost of hiring a social media marketing agency varies – it depends on the company you are working with, the services you will use and the results you’d want to see. If you have the marketing budget to spare, we highly suggest you shop around for an agency with a good price before signing up for anything.

Learn a bit about the company, and ask about their track record. This can help you determine which ones can give you the results you are looking for. If you’re really serious about this, doing some research on companies ahead of time will literally pay off.

Bought Retweets (Premium Followers)

If you don’t have an unlimited marketing budget available at your disposal, fret not because there are still ways you can gain 1 Million Retweets without spending insane amounts of cash.

Buying retweets is a fast, reliable and efficient way to get your engagement score up – as long as you choose your provider wisely.

High-quality retweets do more than give you impressive numbers, they can instantly increase your social proof without compromising your reputation.

These social signals look real – meaning they come from Twitter accounts that look real. High-quality providers take pride in offering retweets that come from users with unique profile pictures and Twitter handles, along with complete bios and active feeds. This way, no one can tell that those retweets are actually bought.

High-quality retweets are not hard to find, as long as you do some research before purchasing.

We put social media providers to the test, checking their services to see the quality they can deliver. We test all aspects of their service, so you can know you’re working with reputable companies.

Be sure to check our website and find out which of the providers out there can give you the best quality retweets for a reasonable price.

To help you plan out your marketing budget, here we’ve calculated the cost for 1 Million Retweets from some of our top-ranked providers. Below are the results.

Considering this is the only guaranteed way of amassing 1 Million Retweets quickly, we think the prices are quite a steal. Before those numbers above give you a heart attack, remember that garnering 1 Million Retweets is no easy feat. 1 Million Retweets will instantly turn any post into a viral candidate. This is a small price to pay for this much fame.

Bought Retweets (Low-Quality Followers)

If you were taken aback by the prices above, it might be because you’ve seen a lot of providers who can offer you the same services for a cheaper price.

Yes, there are quite a few providers out there who offer Retweets for a lower price, but know that the quality of the Retweets you’ll be getting won’t be that good compared to the providers above.

Low-quality retweets from a less-than-reputable provider can cause you more problems than you think. It can tarnish your reputation before you even get a chance to build it – and that’s never a good thing for brands and personalities who are just rising through the ranks.

Low-quality retweets come from accounts that scream fake from a mile away. These retweets generally come from users that are obviously fake or bot accounts.

What does a low-quality fake account look like? They’re mostly recognized for their lack of profile picture. Upon closer inspection you’ll also see that they have inactive feeds, empty bios and Twitter handles that don’t make sense.

We’ve already established that garnering 1 Million Retweets is no easy feat and people will definitely take notice. If the public’s interest is piqued by your sudden popularity, they’ll most probably do some snooping around and see what the whole buzz is about.

Once they begin giving your posts a closer look, they’ll easily spot that the retweets you received are from fake accounts – and before you know it, all you’re left with is a lot of retweets but 0 social proof.

Of course, not all cheap Retweets are bad. Some companies are transparent about the quality of followers they offer and provide excellent service quality through responsive customer support and comprehensive guarantees.

If you are looking into just gaining 1 Million Retweets for the sake of… well… gaining 1 Million Retweets and nothing more, consider purchasing cheaper retweets from a provider you can still trust.

Below you can see the price points for a few providers of lower-quality Twitter Retweets. There aren’t many sites that offer retweets for less than those listed above, but here are a couple of them.

The Cost of Fame Varies

The cost of fame on Twitter varies – depending on what method you use to acquire it. Do some research into your options, and you’ll be able to figure out which method is the best bet for your campaign.

While not all marketing needs are the same, your online reputation should always be a priority. Never choose a provider simply for their attractively low rates, do your research and find a company that prioritizes good-quality followers and high service quality.

We are dedicated to helping you find the right provider for your budget. Be sure to check out our detailed reviews of social media service providers, to see which one will offer you the best deals without compromising quality.

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