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What Do We Retweet and Why?

We don’t have to look very far to learn what kind of tweets get retweeted the most. Check Twitter’s top retweeted tweets each year and you’ll see that political statements, controversial issues, selfies, and the random thoughts of celebrities and famous people get reposted more.

It will be worth your time to take a closer look into what kind of tweets connect the best with your audience. You’ll be able to learn some easy tricks to get your tweets retweeted more often, leading to more attention on you and more engagement on your profile.

Let’s take a look at some of the strongest motivations for why people retweet, and we’ll learn all about what people like to share.

As a gesture of agreement and goodwill

People retweet to show their support either to the person tweeting or for the content of the post. Whether the person who tweeted is someone we only met online or someone we know in real life, we retweet their post to show that we think along similar, if not the same, lines.

If the content is something we really believe in too, then that gives us even more reason to retweet them.

The retweet is as much a show of goodwill as a way to build and nurture relationships. However, we do also retweet posts we support and believe in even if we don’t know the person who tweeted them, and we just happen to be browsing trends when #PeaceDay is being celebrated every September 21, for example.

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People love to follow popular users and brands for many reasons. It may be because they suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when it looks like everyone else is following you and they’re all getting to experience something you can’t. In other cases, it might be because they want to be associated with popular people. Bought Twitter followers can help you reach that influencer-level status.

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To add value or move the conversation forward

When we are interested in a topic, we’ll be eager to re-post to keep the conversation going. If we aren’t particularly interested in the subject but still want to follow the conversation, we might still re-post to help move the conversation forward.

If we have a large following, we can retweet to help expand the reach of the original poster. Sometimes all it takes is getting the tweet to the right person, and the topic might blow up the Twitterverse.

To share information

We all have a tendency to want to share information. With internet news reaching farther into ordinary life more and more and Twitter being an efficient way for people all over the world to communicate, we’re more likely to share information and retweet a message now more than ever.

Some people like sharing tweets that feature important information, or news about impending disasters like the latest big hurricane. Other people love to share political developments and current events that they think their followers might be interested in.

Would you share this if you saw it in your feed?

Sometimes, people retweet controversial issues with their own opinion whether they think their followers are interested or not. The more timely and entertaining the tweet is, the better they’ll look — and that’s always a major goal of any retweet.

To entertain

We also retweet to entertain our followers with something funny we may have found on the platform.

Everyone likes a funny tweet. We welcome funny diversions, especially when we’re stressed from work or life, or feeling tired. So if the tweet is funny, we are more likely to repost it to our followers and our followers are more likely to retweet it too.

To look more credible

When we want to look more credible to our followers, we retweet posts we think will further build our image of authority and trustworthiness.

Most people may retweet breaking news or information about subjects and causes they advocate for. Looking credible on social media is important particularly if you have a brand to protect.

In fact, if you’re seen as a credible authority in your field, people trust you more and your tweets have a higher chance of being retweeted than those who are seen as less credible. Credibility and trust are two critical factors that affect engagement on your tweets.

People with a massive following are often seen as quite influential, and that means their credibility is higher too. So, work on increasing your followers to gain more influence. Buy high-quality Twitter followers to accelerate your organic follower campaigns. The more followers you appear to have, the more people will want to follow you, and that’s how the ball of social proof gets rolling.

To endorse a brand

Brand advocates and influencers often retweet brand tweets to promote them. Some people also retweet brand posts to show their followers what kind of brands they like, or if they want to become associated with a particular brand.

Some people may feel an affinity towards a brand, and our innate psychological need to belong and draw our esteem from external sources may be the reason why. These are the kind of people that may become loyal to your brand. They are also the kind who will eagerly retweet and promote your brand to their followers.

The best customers you can have are loyal customers. Their unpaid and personal promotion of your brand is the best advertising you can get.

To promote yourself or your brand

Some brands also retweet their own tweets, not just when they’re trying to experiment for the best time to tweet, but also when they want to promote themselves at different times of day.

You can do this too. The chances of your tweet being retweeted increases as more people see your post. Take advantage of this retweeting method by AB testing your blog post titles to figure out the best title to use for the most engagement.

Keep On Tweeting!

Sometimes, all it takes to get retweeted is to ask for it. Don’t be afraid to just ask your followers for a retweet!

Also, keep on posting tweets that foster a strong connection with your own audience. Explore, experiment, and analyze what kind of tweets impact your followers the most.

It may be difficult to get on the list of most retweeted or most liked tweets, but it sure is possible to consistently grow your popularity on Twitter. So, tweet, ask, and repeat! Then get ready for the retweets.

Published on: 18 October 2017
Posted by: Chell
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