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What To Do If You Lose Twitter Followers

Why it happens. How to avoid it. How to deal with it.

Are you losing Twitter Followers? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Losing Twitter FollowersBuying Twitter Followers is an easy way of gaining followers quickly, but as the Romans* used to say, “easy come, easy go.” That’s an aspect of the industry that many companies and sellers don’t want you to know, but it happens too often not to know. You buy a couple thousand followers on Fiverr and two days later – POOF! They’re all gone.

While it doesn’t always happen like that, that’s how it feels like sometimes. In fact, a whooping 90% of users that buy Twitter followers will experience some sort of loss. Another 20% of those will be unfortunate enough lose all of the followers they buy as a result of choosing a bad or cheap provider.

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Why It Happens

Buying Twitter Followers is very controversial. While it’s completely legal, Twitter doesn’t like it at all because it can be manipulative, and is a direct competitor to their more expensive “Promoted Accounts” advertising service. As a result, Twitter will go out of their way to find and suspend accounts that aggressively follow others or look suspicious. It can affect those that undergo follow-first tactics to gain followers as well as users that are paid to follow others and, of course, bot accounts.

There’s also some speculation that companies will get these “paid followers” to unfollow you as a tactic to get you to buy again. We’ve never run into a dirty tactic like this in our history of reviewing providers, so it’s likely just myth. This type of practice can also be very counter-productive for a company or seller as it can ruin their reputation and kill their sales – especially with reviewers like us around to catch them!

How To Avoid Losing Followers

avoid twitter risksIf you choose your Twitter follower provider wisely, you can avoid being part of the 90%. No two companies are the same when it comes to buying Twitter followers, and that’s important to take note of. Not only do companies and sellers have different approaches to increasing your followers (some of which can be a lot more reliable than others), they also have different policies, guarantees, and customer support standards. When choosing a provider, you need to make sure you understand their policies and read their reviews.

Here are our tips to help avoid losing your followers:

    • Avoid small sellers on Fiverr and SEOClerk. These sellers typically don’t offer any guarantee on quality, reliability or replacement and their services are sold AS IS. In most cases, you’ll gain a bunch of egg followers that will drop in a few weeks. This is the biggest source of losing followers on the net.
    • Avoid Spammers on Twitter. These are the people that will follow you or message you to Buying Twitter followers. These sellers are the scum of the earth, spamming Twitter and giving the industry a bad name. They’re also just as bad or worse then the Fiverr sellers. We would suggest avoiding them.
    • Avoid sellers with no policies or limited policies on Refunds, Replacement or Quality. This is usually a big clue that their service is bad and they just want to walk away with your money.
    • Be cautious of companies or sellers with no reviews or reputation. There are always newcomers in the industry trying to make a quick buck by reselling someone else’s service and most of the time, they have no idea what their doing. We’d recommend avoiding them.

Check their Support if you’re unsure. Contacting a company’s support team with a few questions can help ensure they’re actually around and helpful. In a lot of cases, companies may offer a Twitter followers service but have no support. This will not help at all when the time comes that you need them.

What to do if you lose Twitter Followers

If you’ve bought followers and notice that your followers are dropping, follow these steps:

Step 1: Stay Calm

keep-calm-and-tweet-onStay calm and don’t panic. In most cases, you’ll only be losing a handful of followers before they stop. A lot of sellers will over-deliver Twitter followers upfront just in case of minor drops so you’re already in good shape. Contacting a provider for a minor drop in followers isn’t going to accomplish much because you’ll still have more than you paid for.

If you do experience a massive drop, stay calm nonetheless. You want to be able to keep track of how many followers you’re losing and contact your provider. Don’t go out and try to buy more followers from another company because then you’ll be gaining followers while losing followers, which can VOID your warranty / guarantee with both companies. You won’t be able to tell how many followers you loss or how many followers the new company actually delivered. It’s a huge headache and you want to avoid it.

Step 2: Get Replacements From Your Provider

If you’ve lose a considerable amount of Twitter Followers, contact the company or seller that sold them to you first and foremost. Some providers (including the ones on our Top Providers list) have replacement guarantees and policies, where getting replacement followers is very easy. In other cases, a company or seller may send you replacement followers even if they don’t have a policy for it in order to keep you satisfied.

If on the other hand, your provider or seller refuses to replace your missing Twitter followers or they’re no where to be found, then you’re off to the next step: Moving on to a better company.

Step 3: Move On To A Better Provider

better-Twitter-providerAlright, so your last provider turned out to be shit. You loss followers and they didn’t bother replacing them.

However, there is still hope. You can move over to a better company to replace your missing Twitter Followers and make your life easier. In some cases, they can even give you a nice discount to compensate for the other company’s screw up and will make the transition easier. Companies like Audience Gain (currently our top ranked provider) are known to offer discounts to customers that loss followers from another company. You can check out our List of the Top Twitter Follower Providers for the best companies to choose as alternatives.

Step 4: Focus on growing your organic Twitter Followers

Once you’ve replaced your missing Twitter Followers, and all’s right with the world, your next task (which we highly recommend if you’re looking to succeed on Twitter) is to continue growing your followers organically. Buying Twitter followers may be a quick way of gaining followers, but it isn’t the end-game solution. It’s a way of gaining a kickstart on Twitter, earning some social proof, and look more popular in order to make growing Twitter followers organically much easier and faster.

To gain followers organically, you’ll need to tweet like a pro, engage with relevant users, and promote your account using targeted marketing tactics and services, from Twitter Ads to Sponsored Mentions. As you grow your followers naturally, you’ll have much less dependance on your initially bought followers and losses here and there will hurt a lot less. It’s the way to go.

Everything’s going to be OK

Losing followers can be tough but it’s just part of the game. Should it stop you from Buying followers? Of course not. Having followers to lose is better than having no followers at all! Purchasing Twitter followers (from a reputable company like Tweet Angels) is still the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to gain Twitter followers and skyrocket your social proof. So the next time you notice a drop in followers, keep this guide in mind.

*The Romans didn’t actually say that.
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