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10 Myths About Buying Twitter Followers

There is a lot of conventional wisdom out there about buying Twitter followers that is just plain wrong. Here are the top 10 myths about buying Twitter followers that you should be aware of. We will explore each myth and explain why it is wrong or misleading. We have done hundreds of tests on every Twitter Follower provider, and here are our Top 3 Best Overall Favorites.


Tested & Approved: Top 3 Overall Performing Twitter Follower Providers


1) There Are No Benefits To It

There is a belief among many that buying Twitter followers is completely and utterly pointless. You cannot buy real genuine followers, so what’s the point? That idea could not be further from the truth.

Twitter Followers Benefits Buying Twitter followers has countless benefits that stretch far and wide. The moment you go from zero to a few thousand followers, your social credibility skyrockets. You’re seen as more popular and more reputable by Twitter users, potential followers, customers, and peers. Your voice carries more weight among those listening and you’ll naturally gain more organic followers as a result. The benefits and results thereafter increase drastically when you have 50,000 followers, or half a million followers. Safe to say, the more followers you have, the more social pull you gain among both your own genuine followers and complete strangers.

Outside of Twitter, your website or business will look more credible and socially active. As a business, your sky-high social proof will make attracting more customers or users online easier. As a freelancer, your increased social reputation will make you more valuable so you won’t only be attracting more clients, but you can get away with charging more for your talent. Even if the followers you buy don’t interact with you, the benefits you’ll gain indirectly are truly endless.

2) You Need To Give Away Your Password

Another popular myth out there is that you need to give companies or sellers your Twitter password. While this was once true, those days are long gone. You do not need to give anyone your password and we NEVER recommend you give your password away.

The Twitter Follower services offered for sale by top companies, and most private sellers, only require your Twitter Username – not your password. You can even buy followers for a complete stranger, or a celebrity you want to see on our Top 10 list, if you wanted.

3) You Can Get Banned

bad twitter bird Buying Twitter Followers alone will never get your account banned. We’ve tested hundreds of providers and we’ve never had an account banned as a result.

Twitter isn’t stupid. They know if they ban accounts with fake followers, they will weaponize fake followers. This will result in competitors buying fake followers on each other’s accounts trying to get them banned.

The notion that you can get banned from buying Twitter followers goes back to our last point – never give away your Twitter password. Giving your password away is against Twitter’s Terms and Conditions, which alone can get you banned. In other cases, companies might promise more followers by aggressively follow and unfollow targeted users, which can also lead to your account getting suspended by Twitter. Rule of thumb – don’t give away your password to strangers.

4) You’ll Get A Bunch Of Empty Profiles

We’ve seen a lot of users come to us with the assumption that bought Twitter Followers are always obviously fake users – users that haven’t changed their profile picture, customized their profile or even tweeted.

Twitter Eggs

While this is usually the case when buying from a cheap provider and seller, it’s definitely not the case for the big names. Providers such as Audience Gain, BuyCheapFollowersLikes, and Tweet Angels, offer high-quality followers with fully customized profiles and, in many cases, fully active users. You might even find it hard to tell them apart from natural followers.

5) You Need To Follow-Back

‘You follow me and I’ll follow you’ has been around since the beginning of Twitter, and many users usually confused this with buying Twitter followers. It’s not the same.

When you buy Twitter followers, you’ll gain followers without doing anything. You can just sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch the followers flood in.

6) Your Account Will Get Spammed

Believe it or not, we get a lot of users inquiring about the possibility that companies selling followers will spam their followers from their account. This is completely false. The only way that could happen is if you were to give someone your password or authorize permission for a company to tweet and message others from your account.
Spamming Twitter Bird

Buying Twitter follower only requires your username, so your account will stay completely safe and spam free.

7) You’ll Become Verified

Being Verified on Twitter is a symbol of authenticity, credibility, and popularity. Unfortunately, buying Twitter followers alone will not get your account verified

While the number of followers an account has is known to be a factor in getting an account verified, it’s far from the only thing. Twitter has a full page dedicated to their Verification process.

8) You’ll Also Get Retweets And Favorites

The Twitter Followers that you buy will not retweet or favorite your tweets. They’ll follow you to the ends of the earth and make your Twitter account look more popular, but that’s about it.

You tweets won’t get any special treatment after buying Twitter followers unless you actually buy retweets or use an Automatic Retweets and Favorites service.

9) Everyone Will Find Out

Twitter Hate People seem to think that once you buy Twitter Followers, everyone will automatically find out and dislike you to the point that they unfollow you. Unless your followers have sort of pre-cognition, this is just paranoia working it’s magic.

If you buy followers from a reputable company (check our reviews), they’ll deliver high-quality followers gradually so it looks completely natural and your current followers won’t suspect a thing.

10) It’s The Ultimate Strategy

While buying Twitter followers is a good way of getting a kickstart and boosting social proof, you should view it as more of a tactic than a strategy.

Achieving success on Twitter does take a bit of effort. You still need to give potential followers a good reason to follow you by tweeting well, and at a good frequency. Otherwise, users that might have followed you will pass – you have a lot of followers but you never tweet…awkward!

We’ve recommend using a Twitter management tool to schedule tweets in advance and stay more connected with your audience. Alternatively, you can hire a company to manage your account for you.

What Are Other Buy Twitter Follower Myths?

Our list of myths is pretty long, but it’s by no means exhaustive. We’d love to add to it. What myths have you come up against? Let us know.

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