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New Twitter Tools to Fight Trolls and Abuse

New Twitter Tools to Fight Trolls and Abuse

Nobody likes trolls or people who abuse social media. Unfortunately, cyberbullying is a real thing and sites like Twitter can bread cyber bullies who sit behind keyboards with inflated egos tapping away aggressively as they troll others. Earlier this year, Twitter committed to taking action against trolls and abusers and has now followed through on […]

Published on: 21 August 2018
Posted by: Rich Drees

How To Handle Internet Trolls Like A Pro

For brands that feel like they’re being trolled on Twitter, the first thing you need to determine is whether or not you’re really dealing with a troll. Do the tweets satisfy the definition of a troll, or are you just dealing with an upset customer?

Published on: 21 September 2017
Posted by: Chell
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