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Can You Buy Twitter Followers in 2019?

Can You Buy Twitter Followers in 2019?

Over the years, it has become increasingly important to have as many followers as one can amass on their social media platforms. Let’s Buy Twitter Followers in 2019

Published on: 15 October
Posted by: Kam R
Ace Watkins

Meet Ace Watkins, the first ‘gamer candidate

Ace Watkins, described as a joker surfaced on Twitter earlier in the week and claimed that he is aspiring to be, as he describes it, “ the first gamer president” in the 2020 presidential race.

Published on: 3 October
Posted by: Kam R
The Marketer’s Guide to Twitter

The Marketer’s Guide to Twitter

Marketing is beneficial when you put in better strategies. If you are wondering where to start from on Twitter, This guide is only for you.

Published on: 6 September
Posted by: Kam R

False Alarm Over Removal of Likes Revealed How People Use Twitter

There was panic in the Twitterverse early March this year when “news” about the removal of likes and retweets went viral. Well, there wasn’t any news about it. Users just assumed it was happening when Twitter Comm tweeted this: A tweet that was later deleted by the user fueled the paranoia. It said that Twitter […]

Published on: 1 August
Posted by: mich

5 Brands that Cashed in Making us Laugh on Twitter, and 3 That Were Just a Joke

I have a real soft spot for Twitter. It’s not just that you can launch any random thought that races through your brain into Twitter’s atmosphere. It’s that your Tweets will start conversations. In my experience, conversations lead to sarcastic comments, dark humor, and some “shots fired” situations. To become more relevant on social media, […]

Published on: 10 January 2018
Posted by: Rich Drees