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Pros and Cons of Twitter for Business

Pros and Cons of Twitter for Business

With a whopping 336 million active daily users in 2018, Twitter is a great platform for online marketing. Basically, everyone who wants to expand their business’ online presence considers Twitter as an option, and most will create some form of presence on the site. While some online marketers sing the praises for the micro-blogging service, others […]

Published on: 27 July 2016
Posted by: Vivi

7 Easy Ways to Organize Twitter Followers

Twitter can get messy really fast. Think of it as a broken valve spraying out 500 million tweets every day. The messages you send out to your followers are probably getting lost in the roaring river of Tweets running through your followers’ timelines. To manage your followers and make sure that your Twitter campaign bears […]

Published on: 13 July 2016
Posted by: Vivi

Twitter Ads Cost too Much? Try These Cheaper Options!

While Twitter’s official ads program offers one way of promoting your business across the platform, many marketers and businesses complain that it doesn’t offer the best ROI given the high price tag. The problem with Twitter ads is that they are just too dang expensive. If you are looking to grow your Twitter account and […]

Published on: 4 July 2016
Posted by: Vivi
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