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How to Effectively Generate Sales Leads Using Social Media

How to Effectively Generate Sales Leads Using Social Media

By now, almost every social media platform has become a staple in every brand’s marketing campaign. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat, social media has the power to establish a wholesome, credible, and likeable image for your brand and even promote products and services directly to your target market by posting meaningful […]

Published on: 13 March
Posted by: Jeff M
Huawei Employee Who Tweeted with iPhone Got Demoted

Huawei Employee Who Tweeted with iPhone Got Demoted

The celebration of the New Year has definitely gone awry for Huawei employees involved in the Twitter blunder that gone viral recently. Twitter for iPhone On the last day of 2018, Huawei Technologies’ official account wished all of its followers a Happy New Year on the social networking site, Twitter. But here’s an interesting twist: […]

Published on: 28 February
Posted by: Jeff M
Twitter’s New Niche Focus Could Win the Battle of For Streaming TV Online

Twitter’s Could Win the Battle of For Streaming TV Online

Twitter Inc. has announced its new partnership with Bloomberg in order to break into the TV broadcasting industry. Twitter aims to provide 24/7 user-focused, live streaming content for its users. It also hopes to form additional partnerships to increase and expand the content it can provide. Twitter is embarking on a difficult journey with so […]

Published on: 16 November 2018
Posted by: Jeff M
twitter playbook for agencies

The Best Twitter Promotion Tips From Twitter’s New “Playbook for Agencies”

Twitter has just released its new “Playbook for Agencies” guide, which contains a host of handy advertising recommendations and tips. Let’s take a peek at what the guide has to offer and learn how you can use these strategies to enhance your tweet campaigns. Combine organic & paid marketing The guide starts off pointing out […]

Published on: 25 July 2018
Posted by: Matthew Y

5 Brands that Cashed in Making us Laugh on Twitter, and 3 That Were Just a Joke

I have a real soft spot for Twitter. It’s not just that you can launch any random thought that races through your brain into Twitter’s atmosphere. It’s that your Tweets will start conversations. In my experience, conversations lead to sarcastic comments, dark humor, and some “shots fired” situations. To become more relevant on social media, […]

Published on: 10 January 2018
Posted by: Jeff M

The 10 Most Followed Accounts on Twitter

Every time Justin Bieber tweets, his posts reach 103 million Beliebers. On Twitter, he’s the second person, after Katy Perry, to reach the hundred million mark.

Published on: 9 November 2017
Posted by: Chell