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Twitter’s 280: ReTweeting to Improvement

Twitter’s 280: ReTweeting to Improvement

Twitter’s increased maximum character limit has had mixed receptions from its users. Apart from making retweets longer though, the additional characters have the potential to help develop several fields when seen through the prism of different world practices. The History of Retweets On September 26, 2017, Twitter took a bold step and doubled their maximum […]

Published on: 9 October 2018
Posted by: Rich Drees

How Much Does It Cost to Buy 1 Million Retweets?

On a fast-paced platform like Twitter, engagement is a crucial part of an account’s success. Retweets are a great signal of engagement, making them a fast way to make your presence known within the constant competition on Twitter. Reaching 1 million retweets will give you significant exposure and draw more people to your account from […]

Published on: 9 March 2017
Posted by: Mariko

Why You Need to Buy Retweets

  If you are trying to build up a following on Twitter and drive traffic to your social networking profiles or website, you have probably seen companies promising that they can get more Twitter retweets for you, generally for a modest fee.  Is it worth it to buy retweets cheap?  Can you really buy Twitter […]

Published on: 26 November 2015
Posted by: Rich Drees
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