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Changes in Twitter Follower Count Results to its Drop

Changes in Twitter Follower Count Results to its Drop

Do you have Twitter followers whose accounts were reported and locked due to violating the platform’s standards? Well, Twitter will now prevent them from being a part of your total follower counts. These accounts shall now remain locked unless the password is reset.

Similar to any other social media platform, Twitter is used as a way for people to express people’s opinions on different issues. Some public figures use it to express their thoughts and share their daily lives with their fans. With the current development of technology, almost everyone is on the internet and are empowered to voice out their thoughts on valuable things that matter to them. So, it is very important that each and everyone make use of their voice wisely.

Changes in Twitter Follower Count Results to its Drop

The Great Twitter Follower Dropping of 2020

Moreover, it has become one of the reasons why Twitter follower count is important. A person’s follower count serves as an indication of the number of people that they influence. Also, if an account is not verified, people look at its number of followers to assure that it is their real account. However, some accounts that pretend to be other people can gather more followers than the real one. This could result in different issues, or worse, identity theft. In return, Twitter might be blamed for not regulating the platform enough.

Sure, not everyone may have followers who violate Twitter’s standards and they may not lose lots of followers. But those public figures who are known for advertising their products online could be heavily affected by Twitter’s new follower count.  

Would Change the Method For Follower Count Result in Fewer Violations With the Platform’s Standard?

In order to maintain Twitter as a safe space for people to voice out their ideas, thoughts, and opinions, Twitter allows users to report accounts that seem to violate several rules of the platform. Some of the reasons involve the accounts being suspicious or spam, if it appears to be hacked and if the user pretends to be someone else. They also allow users to report an account if their tweets are abusive or hateful and if they express intentions of self-harm and many others. However, with some of these reasons, we can report everyone even the famous influencers with just the spread of words.

With a lot of hatred and competition going on among celebrities, politicians, and other groups of people, their loyal followers tend to start fights and conversations against each other resulting in several accounts being reported for violations. With that, Twitter would just like to ensure that they can keep their platform as positive as it can be by protecting everyone from such abusive accounts. This is why Twitter should always ensure that the accounts that are being reported deserve to be reported. The power of the internet is too much that people may abuse their power and capability to report accounts. However, this method may be just one of the few ways that Twitter believes they can protect their community.

Changes in Twitter Follower Count Results to its Drop

The decision to change the method of follower count can help avoid fewer violations with the platform’s standard. This is because users can identify the number of toxic followers from the number of their followers drop.

Why Would Twitter Decide to Suddenly Remove the Violator’s Account From Your Twitter Follower Count?

Twitter surely wants to avoid the negative impact brought by their community and we could not really blame them. Some accounts were just created to stay anonymous and give hate on people. 

In the emergence of internet trolls, we could not really avoid the increase of different groups of people with different opinions and views. With that, it has become necessary for social media platforms such as Twitter to take responsibility for tracking the authenticity of the existing accounts. Also, there have been lots of other platforms that use Twitter to vote for the people they support different awarding bodies. For this reason, it is normal that the number of Twitter accounts being created is increasing. But similarly, there has also been a tremendous increase in fake accounts. This might be due to the needs brought by the entertainment field and political campaign. On the other hand, some create Twitter accounts in order to fulfill their personal desire for fame and be an influencer.

How Can Twitter Follower Counts Drop?

The online community is continuously growing. So, it is sometimes difficult for Twitter to keep track of which accounts are valid. For this reason, the platform should implement a set of stricter rules or options for creating new accounts. Doing such will ensure that only those with a sincere purpose can create an account.

If you are one of the people who have an account followed mostly by violators, there is a great chance that Twitter is looking into your account to see if you have violated some of the rules, too. For Twitter, who your followers are is likely to be the definition of who you are.

Changes in Twitter Follower Count Results to its Drop

Sometimes the number of followers, no matter how many or little it is can boost the ego of a person. Having to decrease the number of followers of an account can bring negative effects to some. But why would we need those followers if they could not even follow important rules?

How Much Could This Change Affect Your Twitter Profile?

There isn’t much change to the Twitter profile of a user. The followers would just have to drop down, but it also means that Twitter is protecting you. Back then, people need to block accounts that they think have violated the platform’s policies. Now, there won’t be a need to block and report them even if they logged into their account and reset their password. Instead, Twitter would protect you from accounts that have been reported. They may still be able to follow you again but at that moment, they have to ensure that their accounts would be used for a greater purpose. This is because any violation of the standards of Twitter can lock their account again.

May this change in method for Twitter follower count be the start of a better social media presence for everyone, and may it be a sign for users to be more aware of the importance of protecting themselves from the toxicity brought by the internet.

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Published on: 21 July 2020
Posted by: Joy P
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