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Why You are Losing Twitter Followers

Why You are Losing Twitter Followers

Twitter is an incredible social media platform you can leverage to build your brand. For many people starting on Twitter, the primary goal is to increase the number of followers. A high number of followers increases your brand’s popularity and have a final financial benefit. Your followers are the primary audience and the first people to sell your product to. It is therefore crucial to growing the number of followers as high as possible. However, while everyone on twitter desires to have many followers, you can start losing followers due to various reasons. This affects your brand’s popularity and sales as well. If you are losing Twitter followers, this article will give you several reasons why it is happening.

Why You are Losing Twitter Followers

You are too promotional

While the core reason for hunting followers is to promote your content, overdoing it scares them away. You should always have moderation while promoting your product on Twitter. Followers can perceive you as spam if all you do is post promotional content all day. People start unfollowing you as soon as they feel you are spam. The messages should be kept natural and mixed with other content which your followers might like.

Your target audience needs to know you are a human being that values all aspects of life. Also, you should avoid sending direct messages to your audience every day as you try to promote your product. It takes time to have a huge followers count on Twitter and you should try as much as possible to maintain the existing followers.

You do not engage

Engagement is the driving force for every social media platform. When you post content through your Twitter handle, your followers can engage via retweets, likes, replies, and comments. These reactions require you to engage with your followers to show them you are interested in and concerned about their engagement. When you do not engage with your followers, they start unfollowing you since their concerns or questions are not addressed.

Twitter engagement helps you in getting feedback from your target audience. The acquired information can be used to improve the level of services or the quality of your goods. Replies and comments are the only way your followers can communicate with you. When you do not engage in a conversation with them, they feel disrespected and eventually unfollow you.

Inconsistent tweeting 

Twitter has many people trying to build their brand. Since they are competing for the same people, you need to be consistent in your posting. When you take too long before tweeting, people might forget about you and start following other consistent handles. They might end up unfollowing you when they feel they are not getting what they require. You should establish a tweeting schedule and stick to it to ensure your followers never forget about you.

You tweet too often

Tweeting too much has dire consequences just like taking too long to tweet. Your followers can get annoyed when you feel their news feeds. Twitter is an open social platform where people choose what they like to see and interact with. Pestering too much content on your followers’ feeds is a quick way to make them unfollow you.

You use too many hashtags

Hashtags are effective tools you can leverage to increase your reach. They can be used as part of a trending topic or as keywords in your post. Hashtags can help you in reaching people who not in followers list but have common interests. Although they are powerful, overusing them can lead you to achieve the opposite.

A post filled with hashtags if unreadable and annoying. If you use too many hashtags people will skip your posts and eventually unfollow you. Using one or two tags improves readability. You should always minimize your hashtags and use them when necessary.

You are too needy

If you ask followers to share your content in every post, do not be surprised when they unfollow you. Good content sells itself even without your intervention. People will always share content that is worth sharing. You should, therefore, focus on creating share-worthy content in every post you make. You can gauge the quality of your post by the reactions it attracts. If you have honest and genuine followers, they will tell you the quality of your content.

Lack of diversity in your content

A stream of similar tweets is a symbol of automated posts that many Twitter users hate. While you’d like to major in your niche, your followers want to get diversified topics from your twitter handle. Besides, posting diversified content helps to reach a larger audience. Identifying different topics in your niche can help to broaden your content.

Sharing other people’s posts can also help to break the monotony of posts. Often, other people will return the favor by sharing your content on their handles. This will help you in reaching a larger audience.

You argue too much

No one loves to engage in a conversation with someone who argues for the sake of it. If a follower disagrees with your views, you should engage them in a healthy conversation. When your followers realize that you like arguing too much they will begin to unfollow you.

You do not proofread your posts 

Grammar and spelling mistakes can cost you a lot. Your followers could be sensitive to small mistakes. Before publicizing your posts, you should ensure they are grammatically correct and they have no spelling errors. When you have mistakes in your posts, followers focus on the errors and not the message in your content. Your competitors can also use the mistakes to win your followers over. There are many online tools that can help you in checking grammar before you can send your posts to the world.

Twitter followers are important in ensuring the success of your brand. While gathering followers is a hard endeavor, it is easy to lose the followers that you have invested so much to gain. It is, therefore, important to take necessary precautions to maintain them.

Published on: 24 October 2019
Posted by: Kam R
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